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Echo and Fury are for girls schools only
Add Ons
1,000 Night and weekend minutes
($12.49 after tax & fees)
200 Text Messages
($6.25 after tax & fees)
1,000 Text Messages
($12.49 after tax & fees)
60/unl Plan 60 minutes/unlimited text
($20.49 after tax & fees)
150/unl Plan 150 minutes/unlimited text
($27.49 after tax & fees)
500/unl Plan 500 minutes/unlimited text
($34.99 after tax & fees)
660/unl Plan 660 minutes/unlimited text
($39.99 after tax & fees)
Unlimited Plan Unlimited Talk / Text
($52.25 after tax & fees)
Ground 3-5 business days
Express 1-2 business days
No Shipping using my own phone

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